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Surprise visit to my Mama in Texas... 

This channel is coming soon!

galleryGOMEZ and 

Outtake/ Teaser from THE FLOW STATE Accessing the Divinity Within, a documentary produced and directed by Artist/Photographer Michelle Carmen Gomez

Creative Workshops at galleryGOMEZ Los Angeles, CA 

For the last two years, the 8 week workshops have focused on self-empowerment thru the creative process, which culminates in a FINAL ART SHOW, at galleryGOMEZ, that showcases students' artwork.


Ages range from 7 to 16 year olds.


galleryGOMEZ is located in Downtown Los Angeles.


Classes/shows are organized and curated by Artist/ Teacher Michelle Carmen Gomez (323) 508-1920.

Hosting for Television Show called ARTLAND. Soho Gallery in Los Angeles


A production company wants a sizzle reel based on my commercial property manager/ artist job. This is what we came up with. A week in the life... 

Produced by Live/Work Productions 
Copyright 2013

Produced, written and edited by Michelle Carmen Gomez 
Contact: 818 383-3436

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