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What's a blogger?

What's a blogger? Definitions are daunting, but what I DO know is that I AM AN ARTIST, with all the over-sensitivity that THAT implies, but I've finally embraced my inner WEIRDO and it has transformed my life.

I am a stubborn weirdo because, for me, the weirdo that was smothered then resuscitated from year-to-year has now become strong due to one subtle move: self-acceptance.

And grace. Grace was also a Godsend because, lets face it, I can complain about random "difficulties" growing up, but I've had it good. People loved me growing up, I survived no major ailments and my sense of humor can be so absurd that, even if what I say ISN'T funny, I can laugh at the fact that my goofballery has been spilled out of my mouth and onto most tables on most days of the week ending in 'day'.

Oh, and my Mom said I make people happy. She's sitting beside me, driving our family car, on this mini-vacation to my hometown, a small town in Texas called Pleasanton. If Mom says it, it must be true?! Well, I hope so.

Anyway, I'm an artist and with this blog, you're gonna get artist stuff. Sometimes it'll be abstract, sometimes it'll be ridiculous, sometimes it'll be reactionary, but it will ALWAYS, always be creatively present and 'in the moment' because thats my super power. Thats what I do. good or bad its who i am. Transparent.

Thanks for going deep. Embrace for impact...

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